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Research and Development

We have been researching and developing our proprietary technologies for cultivating edible and medicinal mushrooms and processing them into high-quality food products, medicinal extracts and supplements.
A large amount of our resources and time is invested into further development of new mushroom cultivation and processing technologies to improve our products. The research is carried out by our own development team, subject matter experts, or in collaboration with various national research institutions. So, we also strive to expand our understanding of edible and medicinal mushrooms and put a lot of effort into spreading this knowledge.
Our own development and technology of production guarantee high quality and traceability of the entire manufacturing process – from culture cultivation and processing to the final product.

Process and Quality

Our concept is to cultivate and process mushrooms to final products completely independently, in an environmentally friendly manner, on the highest quality level for our consumers. We have complete control over the whole production process, from the initial fungal culture and composition of the mushroom growth substrate, to the methods of final mushroom, processing, extracts and supplements. Since we control every aspect of the manufacturing process and the products are regularly tested, we completely guarantee the quality of our products.
Our cultivation methods are based on a “controlled environment” either in enclosed growing houses or closed greenhouses in order to have a stable supply of produce and mushrooms as well as minimizing the use of herbicides. Our production is environmentally friendly, all fungal substrates are composted after use, for cultivating garden crops.
With complete control over culture technology and production management, JM mushrooms are produced in the cleanest possible environment, and deliver unparalleled consistency, and most importantly, a superior taste experience.
We are aware that the quality of conventional raw input materials is increasingly questionable, due to the use of various pesticides and GMOs in farming. Therefore, we check and test all raw materials provided for its suitability and used in our production process. Furthermore, we are located in a peaceful natural environment.
The quality of our products is regularly monitored by our laboratory, by certified national quality control laboratories and certified international laboratories periodically.
We are poised to become one of the leading Indian company who cultivate all mushrooms 100% natural and organic. Our products are made exclusively from organic and natural raw materials.
The mushrooms used in our processed foods and allied supplements are cultivated in a clean rural environment, according to the quality and safety guidelines for organic and natural production. Thus, we ensure that our products do not contain any harmful microbes nor pesticides. On the other hand, cultivated mushrooms provide themselves with what they need the most. Using these products, we help restore balance and well-being.
We have been choosing, from time-to-time the best methods of mushroom cultivation, the most appropriate raw materials and the most convenient packaging for customers.
Our high-quality products are the result of continuous biotechnological research and development carried out in collaboration with various experts and state and national research institutions. The efficiency and the quality of our products, which is regularly examined by independent laboratories, as well as the fact that they have an organic origin and are manufactured as per the guidelines of FSSAI of India.
At all times, we strive to offer only products that improve the quality of well-being and health of humans as much as possible.